Pavement Maintenance Since 1948

We've Been Paving Since 1948

Jacobs & Son has been paving the Chicago Suburbs with Quality and Service since 1948 when first founded by Herbert P. Jacobs. The company has expanded over several decades to become one of the most well known Industrial and Commercial paving companies in the industries.

Jacobs & Son prides itself on doing all work in house without depending on sub contractors. Total control of a project and working direct with the owner minimizes inconvenience and eliminates surprise. Continued education in our field offers you the latest technology in materials, service and / or application of the same.

Your parking lots are a major part of the investment in your property and with proper maintenance, you can expect years of service. Neglect of your pavement leads to premature failure and can be very costly. This is an expense you can avoid with proper maintenance and a contractor you can trust.

Repeat business is the key to any successful company. We develop a working relationship with each of our customers to meet their needs and most of all, their expectations. By developing a relationship with our existing clients, Jacobs & Son now maintains over 2,500 clients.

Quick response to your call, and a detailed professional estimate prepares you to make a fair comparison to your other bidders and assists you in making the right decision when selecting a contractor. Not all contractors are created equal. Quality, service and reputation are a few of the things that set one apart from another.

Your project is important to you and therefore, VERY important to us. When our work is completed and we pull off of your job site, we want and know you'll be satisfied. Like in the past 67 years, Estimates, advice, quality and service is always FREE. They are presented with each and every project we do.

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